The Converse Company Real Estate was established in 1923 by Roger W. Converse. While the faces have changed, the company's values and reputation have not. The Converse Company is Marion's oldest and most reliable real estate company, specializing in everything from rentals to waterfront sales. We are a co-operative brokerage and the agents in our office work side by side to meet all real estate needs. Our team works together to provide the best expertise and customer service possible. We take great pride in our professional relationships, our ethical approach, and our reputation.


Kathleen Whitney Feeney

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Broker and owner of the Converse Company Real Estate, Kathy has been in the real estate business and a Marion resident for over 40 years. Kathy earned her B.S. degree at University of Wisconsin Madison, and began practicing real estate in 1974. She then bought the company from her mentor and predecessor, Russ Buddington, in 1985. Kathy is known for her kindness, sincerity, and her extensive and unparalleled knowledge of Marion real estate.


Margot Feeney Kalkanis

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Real estate sales person and office manager at the Converse Company, Margot studied at Tabor Academy and earned her B.A. degree at Lehigh University. She then worked in a Boston law firm as a real estate paralegal before moving back to the area in 2004 to join her mother, Kathy, in the real estate business. Margot grew up in and recently built her dream home in Marion Village, where she lives with her husband and three children, so she knows the ins and outs of town better than anyone.


Kristin Ferguson Feeney

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Broker at the Converse Company, Kristin earned her B.A. degree at Denison University and her Master's Degree in Special Education from Simmons College. Kristin joined Kathy and Margot in 2008 in the "family business." Prior to moving to Marion in 2004, she was a Special Education teacher for 10 years, giving her the perfect balance of patience and conscientiousness for a successful career in real estate.


Margaret Ogilvie Gee

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Real estate sales person at the Converse Company, Margaret earned her B.S. degree in Business from the University of Kansas. Before joining the Converse Company in 2015 she worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies in a sales role, including Hasbro Inc., Kraft Foods, Energizer Batteries, and Lenox China & Crystal. She has lived in New England for over 20 years and in 2009 she and her husband made Marion home. Since moving to Marion she has served on the board of the Marion Art Center and the Sippician Historical Society. Margaret is an excellent listener and skilled negotiator, who is personable, genuine, and dedicated to finding solutions for her clients.